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    We are into practice that takes pride in utilising the most modern technologies.
    We have team of Dentists to take care of your every dental need and care.
    We take utmost care and use sterilized equipments for every patient visiting our clinic.
    We use modern and eco friendly technology to sterilize equipments.
    Best treatment starts with the good diagnosis of the problem and then advice or consultation.
    We advice for the best possible treatment available.

Get the Quality Dental Treatment in Paschim Vihar near Punjabi Bagh by Dr. Parul Gupta (Orthodontist) at her facility (Dental Clinic in Paschim Vihar/Punjabi Bagh)

Dr. Prof. Parul Gupta seeks to render comprehensive range of oral health services to the residents of Delhi through her dental clinic, Dr. Gupta’s Dental & Braces Clinic in Paschim Vihar near Punjabi Bagh. Being the specialist in Orthodontics, Dr. Gupta leverage world class and technologically advanced dental equipments to offer reasonable and highest quality dental care services. As an industry leader, Dr. Gupta’s Dental clinic offer services which include prosthodontist, dentures, implants, bridges and veneers. A Star Dental Brand, Dr. Gupta’s Dental & Braces Clinic was commenced in the year 2011 under the command of Dr. Parul Gupta (Orthodontist) and today it emerged as the industry leader, capable of meeting all the oral health needs of the patients. It has set benchmark in rendering world class dental health services with cutting edge technology and approaches and acclaimed to provide best advices and affordable dental treatment. Dr. Gupta’s Dental & Braces Clinic in Paschim Vihar is equipped with experienced and highly qualified specialized team of dental surgeons who are well aware what all it takes to offer best in class oral health services.

  • On BHEL, NDPL, Delhi University & MCD

  • First Laser Clinic in North Delhi

  • Porcelain Crown with 10 & 15 yrs. Warranty

  • Dr. Prof. Parul Gupta, ex. Hindu Rao Hospital

  • Ex. Prof. Jiwaji University (Gwalior)
  • Dental Clinics (Branches) all over Delhi
    (C.P., Paschim Vihar, Pitampura, Rohini)
  • Lifetime Warranty on Dental Implants (Noble Biocare)

  • One visit Painless RCT
    (Root Canal Treatment using Laser and Rotary - 50 min. procedure)

Quality Dentistry in Paschim Vihar/Punjabi Bagh where each dental problem is addressed by an expert

Quality delivered, every time

Dr. Gupta’s Dental & Braces Clinic is the Star Dental Brand where every dental problem is taken care of by experts and professional dental surgeons. Today, the field of dentistry is much more about persona, looks, aesthetics, self confidence and functionality. And owing to the continuous progress in the field, Dr. Gupta’s Dental & Braces Clinic has successfully managed to offer exceptional dental treatment to the patients, helping them to lead a normal and better life even with missing teeth or missing complete jaw line.

Being the specialized dental care service provider in Pacshim Vihar, Dr. Gupta’s Dental & Braces Clinic take special care in addressing all the dental related issues of patients and provide them cutting edge treatments after evaluating medical history and other crucial factors to minimize the risk and improve recovery of patients. All dental treatments at clinic are offered under the guidance of visionary Dr. Parul Gupta (Orthodontist).

Dental treatments available at our Dental Clinic in Paschim Vihar/Punjabi Bagh by Dentist Dr. Prof. Parul Gupta:

Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction is not major surgical procedure in dentistry, but when it comes to extract the molar teeth it is recommended to seek expert medical care from expertise in the field. They will not only help you get the teeth extracted professionally to regain the perfect smile, but also boost your self confidence and functionality.
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Silver and mercury filling is not always recommended, instead experts always suggest opting for quality composure resin or porcelain filling as they last longer and strong to withstand the chewing pressure. With regular dental checkups and quality filling it can last over 10 years.
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RCT is basically performed under supervision of Endodontists who has specialization in preservative dentistry. It is tooth protecting process which is conducted when your tooth experience serious or deep cavity. We at Dr. Gupta’s Dental & Braces Clinic recommend crown after RCT process, especially if the tooth is chipped or weak due to deeper cavity.
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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are recommended to patients with lost teeth or tooth as it provides exceptional support, functionality to your jaw line and protect the jawbone from further damages. At Dr. Gupta’s Dental & Braces Clinic, Dr. Parul Gupta conducts the dental implant procedures.
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Dental Bridges

There are diverse types of dental bridges like bridges that are designed with the help of crowns involving adjacent teeth and other bridges are implant supportive dental bridges that are installed where support from adjacent teeth is not required and it works alike natural teeth. It is the best alternative to case bridges where more than one tooth is missing.
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Dental Crowns are usually recommended to patients where saving chipped tooth are necessary or used for tooth that are damaged due to severe cavity. Dental crowns are used upon natural, yet weak tooth. It can withstand the chewing pressure like natural tooth.
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Partial & Complete Denture

It is really very disgusting experience to lose most of the teeth, fortunately with the advancement in dental field it is possible at Dr. Gupta’s Dental & Braces Clinic to live healthy life and better oral health, even after losing almost all the teeth. We provide dental implant supported partial or complete dentures which are better alternative.
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Orthodontic/Braces Treatment

Braces and orthodontic treatment is performed by Dr. Parul Gupta at Dr. Gupta’s Dental & Braces Clinic and the treatments provided guarantee to help patients achieve quick and best results. We employ world call dental equipments and advanced technology to help people achieve the perfect smile.
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Orthodontic/Braces Treatment for Adults

For adults who want effective and quicker results are prescribed with ClearPth Braces which is the best treatment procedure till date for adults and Dr. Parul Gupta is the citified and experienced ClearPath Orthodontist in Delhi and can carry out the treatment procedure in risk free manner to allow patients achieve quick and effective results.
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Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums is a serious condition which needs to be taken care of immediately or else it may lead to serious consequences like loss of teeth etc. Bleeding gums is a disease in dentistry and require immediate medical attention provided by a periodontist.
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Receding gums, bad odor and bleeding gums are some of the major symptoms of Pyorrhea and it should be taken care of immediately. You must seek medical care from a periodontist immediately when you experience any of these symptoms of Pyorrhea.
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Receding Gums

At times scaling becomes very crucial for patients, else they may experience serious gum issues like tartar formation, teeth become loose, gums start receding and teeth may even fall out, if scaling is not done timely. The condition may also lead to bad breath, gingivitis, and can adversely affect your heart.
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Pediatric/Kids Dentistry

The wing of dentistry that is involved in research and providing dental care services to kids and teenagers is referred as Pediatric dentistry and the medical professional that specialize in pediatric dentistry is called as Pedodontist.
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Cosmetic Dentistry

Alike Women, men are also becoming very conscious about their appearance and looks and cosmetic appearances are the hottest topics in today’s fashion dominated world. Teeth play a very crucial role in enhancing your overall appearance and looks and hence maintain good oral health becomes crucial for everyone. To address the need of the hour, the field of dentistry has come forth with different cosmetic dentistry processes that can enhance the looks of your teeth and overall persona.
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Smile Design

Everyone dreams to have a wonderful smile as it has the potential to win millions of hearts at first look. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a naturally beautiful and lovely smile; therefore they implement different make-ups and products to enhance their smile, but don’t get the desired smile. Dentistry has made immense advancement and has come forth with several surgical procedures to enhance the natural look of your smile.
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Teeth Whitening/Bleaching

When your smile is beautiful the world smile with you. Having dazzling smile is a dream of many. In the field of dentistry there are many procedures available like bleaching and teeth whitening that can help you enjoy shiny, dazzling and bright set of teeth.
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