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Ms. Parul Dhingra
Country : India

Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta Dental and Braces clinic.I got my tooth colour laser restorations done and cleaning and polishing as well.He is the best I suppose as he did my work in 1 sitting and completely painless. ....... Thks for my goody treatment. Its already 5 years. everythng fine......

Ms. Dr Swati Saraswat
Country : Sri Lanka

For my cosmetic smile correction and for my discolored teeth I opted dr Asheesh.and my satisfaction is 100%.as my smile is perfect and laser teeth whitening gave me perfect results. Nw I can compare my smile with a bollywood star... Gud luck Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta

Ms. Muskaan
Country : New Delhi

Aftre I got excellent treatment I get my Mother-in-Law checked for Perio and now after 2 months of regular checkup and treatment she has achieved a perfect smile. One can really rely on the expertise of Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta.

Mr. Aamir Hussain
Country : Kuwait
A great thanks to Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta ,his wife Dr. Prof. Parul Gupta & Dr. Gautamfor my dental treatment. I am fully satisfied for my treatment all are amazing doctors they sorted out the problem of my tooth

Mr. Himanshu
Country : Indonesia

I got my one ceramic capping for my lower molar. Satisfied with the fitting and shade as well.and in just 2 days.THANKS to Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta for sunday appointment.

Mr. Sidharth Rohatgi
Country : New Delhi

It was really a great experience taking medical help from Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta's Dental Implants and Braces clinic. They are always friendly, always on time, and moreover very professional. When my friends and family members saw me first with shining teeth, they just cried saying Wow!

Ms. Delina fernandes
Country : Canada

Dr. Prof. Asheesh Guptas only 3 words fast.excellent. friendly. I got my full mouth rehab done 10 months back.my smile is perfect nw and I gain confidence as well.nw I recommend by brothers as well for dental implants. Thanks dr asheesh and his team of docs.

Mrs. Priya MITTAL
Country : India

Thanks to god and Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta for non surgical extraction of my upper wisdom tooth. no pain .no swelling. Highly satisfied with my Doctors job. i am from Keshavpuram .DELHI

Mr. Ashwani grover
Country : Gurgaon

Going to Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta and Dr. Prof. Parul Gupta so far has been an extremely pleasant experience. They are really welcoming and make me feel right at my home. My little kid looks forward and thoroughly enjoys each one of their appointments.

Country : India

I am from Rohini,Delhi. very nice.quiet satisfactory treatment at Dr. Prof. Asheesh Guptas dental and braces clinic.I GOT MY WISDOM TOOTH Extraction without surgery and pain. no swelling and healing is gud. thanks to Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta.

Ms. kamlesh
Country : Nepal

Dr. Prof. Asheesh Guptas dental and braces clinic.new delhi.I got my metal free ceramic capping for smile correction.treatment is very quick and beyond my satisfaction. His staff is highly coperative and helpfull. And its already 2yrs over and teeth are working fine.

Mr. N.K. Krishnan
Country : Chennai

Going to Dr. Parul’s Clinic is like home. I loved their helping staff and service was designed around my own crazy schedule. Thanks for giving such a new smile.

Mr. Manish
Country : India

I got my tooth coloured cosmetic laser laminates done for upper front teeth.I am highly satisfied with dr guptas work and even charges. Dr guptas dental clinic is fully sterlized I feel and complete the job on time. I am his patient frm last 5 yrs. I recommend his name as he is gud doctor and person too. God bless him.thks

Mrs. Shashi Mittal
Country : Germany

I got my laser teeth whitening done and metal free all ceramic crowns and tooth colored fillings. I am highly satisfied with the treatment outcome. Even after one year of my teeth whitening my teeth are still shining. Their staff is highly efficient and friendly. They are following sterilisation protocols and are using very good material for treatment. ALL instruments are disposable for single use. For crowns I have got 10 year warranty card. AM VERY HAPPY WITH THE TREATMENT

Ms. Muskaan
Country : New Delhi

Very welcoming caring, and give proper time to examine their patients. I would like to recommend Dr. Asheesh to anyone who wants to get rid of a wrong arrangement of teeth and thus ugly smile.

Mr.Vijay Kumar
Country : India

Got my mothers upper and lower capping snd bridging done by Dr Ashish, second year is running and the bridges are going absolutely well. His clinical acumen is beyond any doubt and above all he is a very nice person too.I recommend Dr Ashish as first choice for any prosthodontics related problem in north india.

Mr. Davend Singh
Country : United Kingdom

Awesome clinic, amazing service and great value for money.I visited the clinic of Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta, MDS. DR GUPTA DENTAL AND BRACES CLINIC C7/97,Ground floor,SEC-8, rohini, Delhi on my first visit to Delhi for teeth whitening and i can say with confidence that the service I got is well above what could get in UK. Thanks...

Ms. Rehana
Country : New Delhi

My daughter was facing loads of problem while in school just because of her different smile cause by wrong set of teeth. But thanks to Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta's Dental Clinic who helped my daughter to get her desired smile. Now, she happily goes her school with great self-esteem.

Mr. Vishaal Dowlat
Country : United Kingdom

A great thanks to Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta's clinic in New Delhi (Dr. Ashish Gupta, MDS. DR GUPTA DENTAL AND BRACES CLINIC C7/97,Ground floor,SEC-8, rohini, Delhi.)to go to the extra mile for my metal free bridge. Using denture for the last 4 years and then now having my metal free bridge is magical. Magical India and amazing Dr Gupta Clinic I confidently recommend Dr Gupta Clinic Thanks ...

Ms. Manju
Country : India

At Dr.Gupta\'s clinic I got my braces treatment done 6 months back from Dr Parul Gupta. she knows her subject very well with good experience in her field of orthodontist. She did my treatment in just 10 months with no pain and in committed time .I will recommend all my friends to take tooth coloured braces treatment from my lovely docter.........

Mr. Sudhanshu Basu
Country : New Delhi, Sarojjini Nagar

Wonderful experience, we certainly selected the best orthodontists in the country!! Dr. Parul and Asheesh are always on time for appointments as well as greeted patients personally when they walked in the premises door. Thanks Asheesh and Parul. You actually taught me…. who needs an experienced dentist?

Ms. Shalu
Country : India

I got my tooth coloured cosmetic fillings and RCT done at Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta\'s Clinic in one sitting without any pain and without any medicine in just 55;mins.He got an excellent staff with good hygine n I wish him good luck.........

Mr. Nitish Jha
Country : India

Dr.Gupta Dental clinic is a very service provider in the dental treatment. I went there for the dental scaling , polishing and tooth color ceramic capping. I am very much satistfied with the treatment I received. I was having dentist chair phobia earlier but after visiting Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta Clinic all my phobia washed away. Keep the good work

Ms. Sotibha Ghare
Country : Mumbai

I am very happy with the treatment and outcomes I received from Dr. Parul. I always wanted to get corrected my teeth, but worried about time-consuming treatment, but meeting with Dr. Parul Made my thinking and thus life.

Ms. nidhi verma
Country : India

I am getting an excellent service for invisible braces.Dr parul works efficiently with full devotion for her patients and with gud hygiene conditions. She does braces treatment on time.tdy my friend is also get my treatment started at dr guptas dental and braces clinic

Mr. Tenzin Thinlay
Country : China

i am a patient from tibet and i recently received treatment over here in gupta dental hospital.its good and i am highly obliged .do join and free tibet

Ms. Seema
Country : New Delhi, Defence Colony

The care of medical team at Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta’s Dental and Implants Clinic has been great with friendliness and efficiency! Our other children went to different dentist but this experience is much better!

Mr. Vineet nagdev
Country : India

i am glad that i got to know about this clinic. the treatment is amazing no waiting,nice management in a whole great clinic

Mrs. Isha Bhandari
Country : United Arab Emirates

He is an amazing doctor,in fact his team is awesome. He sorted out that problem of my tooth that was there from years. The most important thing is that Mr.Ashish Gupta is one of those rare doctors who do not work for making money but giving good services to his patients.

Mr. Prakash Srivastava
Country : New Delhi, Pitampura

I have a great experience at your clinic. We are highly happy with the staff, and the no wait time for needed appointments, Thank you so much Doctors.

Mr. Sahil bhandari
Country : United Arab Emirates

He is an outstanding doctor with excellent skills, me , my wife n my other family members got treated at his cleaning,,he is really good. Keep up the good work doc.

Mr. Deepak Sharma
Country : United States

I went over to Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta's clinic in New Delhi (Dr. Ashish Gupta, MDS. DR GUPTA DENTAL AND BRACES CLINIC C7/97,Ground floor,SEC-8, rohini, Delhi.),India after trying the best doctor in my city Memphis in USA. I am really happy teh way he give steh best treatment and care. I have been getting the positive results since teh day one. I have been in touch with doctor Gupta since last year and he is super awesome in his job. Very well come Doc I am so proud of You and India that we have the best talent in the world. I am very much satisfied and recommend Dr Gupta to other people also who are really looking for a good dental treatment. Doctor Ashish did my cavity treatment too which is still going good even after more than a year. Dr Gupta and his wife are doing great job thats too with reasonable price always. I wish you both all the very best.

Ms. Yogita Munjwani
Country : New Delhi, Rohini

Always able to get me in last moment, perform around my own specific work schedule, and made my medical treatment incredible FAST! I didn’t have idea that placing Implants could be so effortless and painless. Thanks Dr. Asheesh.

Country : India

I would like to thank Dr. Ashish Gupta for my dental treatment you gave me, helping me to recover from my teeth pain. I was deeply troubled about my Pain and could not even walk for a minute. But thanks to your special efforts, I recovered faster than I imagined. I am now back to work with full effort and it is all because of you. I will thank you once again and will recommend you to anyone suffering from dental issues.

Mr. Anubhav Sharma
Country : India

There is nothing precious than a pleasant smile which enables one\'s personality in positive direction. Teeths are basic for a vibrant smile, wish Dr Asheesh and Dr Parul best of luck in this great effort to make people\'s smile with confidence.

Ms. Shilpa Goswami
Country : New Delhi, Shalimar Bagh

I am completely thrilled with the result of their dental implants. I think that I have received nothing but the excellent care from your staff and of course from you doctors – Dr. Asheesh. You guys are really amazing! And I would surely refer you anyone who’s looking for beautiful smile.

Mrs. vandana jain
Country : India

quick....affordable....comfortable environment....friendly staff....that\'s my experience at Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta\'s clinic....am satisfied with my treatment....thanks and best wishes

Ms. Swati Mendiratta
Country : India

I am from Faridabad and visited Dr.Gupta's clinic by a friend's referral. I was impressed by sterilization standards maintained in their clinic..I got my wisdom tooth extracted , it was so affordable and painless. Thanks !!

Ms. Fatima Hasan
Country : India

DR. GUPTA'S CLINIC is a beacon of health.Dr.Asheesh gupta provides efficiency with a smile.His excellent diagnostic skills are paralleled by his quality treatment.Dr.Parul gupta is an orthodontist par excellence.I feel that every penny spent here was a very wise decision on my part.They converted my utterly hopeless dental profile into a pearly smile.Thank you DR. GUPTA'S !!Keep it up.

Mr. Snober Sajjad
Country : Australia

I came to Dr. GUPTA'S with a severe case of pain in my tooth.The dentists\' back in australia had advised me to get it extracted.Thanks to Dr.GUPTA\'S,my precious tooth was saved.It was so affordable.I am so happy with the results that i refer all my friends having dental pain to him.Keep it up.

Ms. pooja
Country : India

I got my dental treatment done ( RCT + capping ) by Dr. Ashish .I am very satisfied with my treatment. I was suffering from this pain since long time but now thanks to Dr. Ashsih there is no problem now. Here doctors listen to your problem and treat them very patiently assistant professor ggsipu

Mr. Samriddhi Jain
Country : India

I feel very fortunate to talk about Dr. Ashish Gupta, MDS. DR GUPTA DENTAL AND BRACES CLINIC C7/97,Ground floor,SEC-8, rohini, Delhi.
I know Dr. Ashish from past few years and found him an extremely competitive and dedicated dentist with good medical ethics. He is very skilled in his diagnosis and choosing his line of treatment. Dr. Ashish possesses up to date information about advancement in dental sciences and technologies. Further, his clinic is well maintained with requisite equipments.
Also all patients to whom I have recommended Dr. Ashish have thanked me profusely for recommending him.
I wish Dr. Ashish in all his future endeavors.

Mr. Mahender Sharma
Country : India

My Wife and I went to Dr.Gupta\'s Clinic for a RCT & Gum treatment of my teeth & Ortho treatment for my wife. They are very friendly, soft-spoken, sincered, and very experienced doctors. The clinic of Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta\'s is hygienic and well maintained. I would highly recommend to all my friends for any problems with teeth Pl. consult to Dr. Ashish Gupta & Dr. Parul Gupta.

Mr. suresh saxena
Country : India

DR.GUPTA'S CLINIC is abode of excellent root canal treatment, where sufferings of pain from hell ends and the prognosis of teeth health resides in heaven\'s blessings.this prooved right when i was in hands of Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta\'s hands,who with his best treament saved my tooth, which has lost its hope of survival,thanx to him for his gentle ,friendly support, which strengthened my will to undergo the treament.

Mr. Ayush Agarwal
Country : India

I got my tooth coloured braces treatment done at Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta\'s clinic. I am highly satisfied with the result and the treatment was successfully completed on time. What Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta\'s promised before the treatment, i did receive that and i had a great experience. so i recommend Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta\'s clinic for dental and braces treatment.

Mr. Soumil
Country : India

I am from saket in south delhi. I got my dental treatment done at Dr. Prof. Asheesh gupta\'s clinic and though it is a little far from my residence, still i got my lingual braces and tooth coloured laser cosmetic filling from Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta\'s clinic. All fillings are excellently functioning even after 5 years and i am highly contented with my braces treatment. He is a great doctor with wonderful results. the clinic atmosphere is friendly and extremely hygienic. thanks to doctor gupta i now have a great face profile and good looks.

Mr. Shyam
Country : United States

I got my sigle sitting RCT capping and 2 implants done at Dr. Prof. Asheesh Gupta\'s Dental and Braces done. The treatment was done in fully sterilsed condition and was painless. The whole staff was very friendly and supportive. My experience was very good. Great job done doctor, keep it up