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Immediate Load Dental Implant

What does Immediate Load Dental Implant mean?

This is the same time, when the tooth is removed and implant is done at the same time, so this is known as Immediate Load Dental Implant Placement. This procedure is very effective, and considered as a standard procedure as there is no change in bone structure, or gum surrounding the extracted tooth, this procedure is most convenient for the patient , and can be done in one sitting. If in different cases, where there is a cyst or an abscess, as the tooth is badly infected, it is better to deal with the infection first, and wait for healing and then place the implant.

There are various ways that implants are done:

  • When a traditional implant treatment is in process you would need to visit the dentist several times and the treatment could last up to 6months to a year.
  • If you have removed your tooth ( then you would need to wait for up to 3 months for an implant placement
  • Implant placement (if immediate implant, at the same time as of extraction) Unloaded healing phase (6 weeks - 6 month)
  • Uncovering of implants
  • Prosthetic phase (wait for 3-6 months for fusion of implant in bone).

If a conventional procedure is done, the patient would have to wait till the treatment is complete, till then the patient would need to continue using dentures, until the dentist advises the patient that it is time to place the implant, and the implant fuses with the bone. With the new technique, of "immediate load implant", and the technique of permanent teeth in just 3 days.

The advantageous and disadvantages of "immediate Load dental Implant"


  • In a traditional implant surgery,there are "two stage placement"where the surgery takes about 6months. With Immediate load implant is done on the same day.
  • With convention dental implants the gums and bones need to heal before a crown could be fixed on the implant, and the waiting time is the disadvantage, as the patient will need to remain without teeth, sometimes temporary crowns are adjusted before the actual could be replaced, but they are quite uncomfortable and appear to be very unappealing. If the patient decides to go for an "immediate dental load implant, the patient also needs to full fill the necessary requirement.
  • High Cost
  • Time is reduced in waiting than other dental implant procedures.

The disadvantage is if the bone does not attach itself with the bone correctly, the procedure can be unsuccessful. If the tooth is located in a place where a lot of force is required, the chances of the implant survival is not guaranteed.

  • Compared to other dental implants this Immediate dental load is costly, and for various reasons there is no guarantee
  • If you qualify for an Immediate load Implant, there are many advantages It reduces the healing time, and patients can carry on with normal life
  • There is no inconvenience caused while the bone is healing, with a temporary crown
  • Since the patient requires only one visit to have the procedure performed, there is a less amount of anxiety and stress involved
  • If the implant is unsuccessful,the patient can opt for another surgery, however this option will cost you again, than a traditional implant. If can afford to pay for this procedure ,then the patient would benefit a lot.
  • For single tooth restoration the procedure, has said to be successful. The research on the success of an Immediate Load Implant , is still under-way, however, patients are said to believe that both procedures do have a success rate, provided nothing goes wrong during the treatment.
  • The procedure has found more value when the patient requires this procedure immediately due to tooth loss. This new technique seems to gain popularity in increasing the number of success stories.